Where do you currently ship your amazingly awesome bouquets and succulents?

We currently ship to most zip codes in the U.S.! At this time, we do not ship to Hawaii or Alaska. We do not ship to APO/FPO/PO boxes. If you have any questions about shipping prior to making your purchase, please contact us.

Why do you only offer limited bouquet options each season?

Bloom2Bloom flowers are always US-grown, and always farm-fresh. We work with growers who offer decades of experience of bring you the freshest blooms possible. Our seasonal bouquet offerings reflect what is fresh and available this season, right here in the U.S.!

Why are only certain delivery dates available?

We offer delivery on most products Tuesday - Friday, to most zip codes in the continental U.S. Our flowers ship priority overnight to maintain freshness, and some zip codes may not be eligible for this shipping service. At times, you may notice certain delivery dates are unavailable to due holidays, high volume, etc. If you have any questions regarding a particular delivery date for both our succulents and our fresh flowers, please contact us.

What if I want to buy a BUNCH of bouquets on an ongoing basis?

We think that’s a great idea! You can find out more about receiving monthly blooms or bulk purchases by contacting us.

How much is shipping for these beautiful bouquets?

Shipping fees depend on the product and the shipping destination. Your shipping cost will be reflected during the check out process, and may vary based on zip code, quantity of products purchased, and typed of product(s) purchased.

If I order succulents and fresh flowers will they come in the same box?

Our fresh flowers and succulents ship in different boxes. Please note, that if you ship both a bouquet and succulents to one recipient, the recipient will receive two different boxes, which may be delivered at different times on the same day.

Do you ship flowers on the weekend?

At the moment we do not offer weekend delivery (all of our flowers ship straight from US-farms scheduled for next-day delivery), but are working on bringing you Saturday delivery soon!

When I purchase a bouquet does it come with a vase?

In order to keep costs down and strictly focus on the quality of the product we do not offer vases with the fresh flowers.

When I get my bouquet, should I put them in a vase near the sunlight?

Growing flowers require sunshine for maturation, but once those flowers are cut and in a vase, they should be kept out of direct sunlight.To keep flowers fresh longer, place them in a location away from direct sunlight and drafts.

When I received my bouquet, some of the flowers looked sleepy. Is that normal?

Having traveled straight from a U.S. farm to you, the bouquet can appear a bit sleepy. This is completely normal. Simply fill a vase with room-temperature water, pour the plant food into the water and place your flowers into the vase. We also suggest you grab a pair of sharp scissors or garden prunes and cut 1 inch off the stems at a slight angle. The flowers can take up to 24 hours to fully re-hydrate.

Yikes! The water in my vase has turned an odd color!

Flowers love clean water. Try to keep the water clear at all times to help ensure the longevity of your blooms. In short, we suggest you change the water ASAP!

Do you have holiday bouquets?

You know we do! Our bouquets are anything but ordinary. We work directly with growers to bring you flowers that are in season and help make any holiday even brighter! See what we're currently offering.

Why are some of the blooms closed when they arrive?

Some of your blooms may be closed when they arrive because we ship everything as fresh as possible, straight from the farm to your doorstep! The flowers simply haven't opened yet. This also protects certain blooms in transit. Just cut the stems, put them in some water and add the flower food. They will be bloomin’ in no time!

What do I do with the flower food?

After you add fresh, cool water to a clean vase, open the flower food packet (make sure to keep it away from children and pets at all times), and place the entire packet into the water. Once it has dissolved, add your flowers (make sure you trim the stems and remove the leaves that will be below the water line) to the vase! Voila!

Are the succulents grown in the U.S. too?

Of course! The succulents are U.S. grown, potted arranged in the U.S., and sent straight to you!

How do I take the succulents out of the packaging?

To ensure that the succulents and the pot are protected during shipment, each succulent is packaged with a few layers of protection! Carefully remove each layer of the packaging, and remember that the live plants are beneath it all! You may find some wax paper directly against the plants - make to remove it very carefully!

Why was some soil in the box when I received my succulent(s)?

That’s completely normal. A small amount of soil may shift out of the pot during transit.

How often do I water my succulents?

When in doubt, don’t over water these pretty succulents. Succulents prefer to be completely dry, and then watered completely. You can monitor the soil, and aim to water the succulents every 1-2 weeks depending upon how quickly the soil dries out.

Where is the best place to my succulents?

Succulents love some sunlight, so if you can, place them near a window and let them get some rays!

How do I know if the flowers or succulents arrived to the recipient?
When the flowers leave the farm you should receive an email that includes tracking information for the shipment. If you don't receive one, or have any questions, just contact us.

Can I include a note with my order?

Of course! When you are checking out, you will be prompted to include a note for the recipient. Don’t forget to sign your name, unless of course, you’re a secret admirer!

How can I get involved with Wish Upon A Teen?

That’s great, and music to our ears! Check out Wish Upon A Teen to learn more about the organization and their volunteer opportunities.

Do you do weddings?

At this time, Bloom2Bloom does not provide wedding services. However, we have had brides order flowers and succulents for DIY wedding arrangements, bridal showers, and bridal party gifts. Feel free to contact us to find out more!

Do you offer corporate subscriptions and services?

Yes! If you do not already have a corporate account with Bloom2Bloom, contact us to start the process! 

Can my business host an event with Bloom2Bloom?

Absolutely! We work with corporate partners all the time to host in-office events and would love to discuss this with you. Feel free to contact us to find out more!

We try our best to anticipate questions you may have, but if we have missed anything, please feel free to contact our customer service team, or email us directly at: .