Keeping it bright with fresh flowers

We don't always associate winter with fresh, bright blooms. But what better way to add some sunshine to these gloomy days than with fresh flowers? Go ahead buy yourself some fresh blooms! You deserve ita pretty Bloom2Bloom bouquet

We know that sometimes you walk buy a pretty bunch of blooms that just makes you smile and that you know you have to take home and put in your favorite vase! So we put together a few tips to help you select the freshest flowers, no matter where you are.

1. Where were the flowers grown? We suggest going to a Farmer's Market (if you can get to one in the winter months) because you can count on the flowers there being locally grown. If a grocery store is your closest stop for flowers, find out where those blooms were grown. The pretty flowers had to make their way to you, which could have taken a while, especially if they were grown outside the U.S. Always opt to buy flowers that were grown right here in the U.S.! You'll end up with flowers that were more recently picked, and you'll support local growers. And, of course, your best option is farm-direct flowers right here from Bloom2Bloom!

2. How do those blooms look? We always remind Bloom2Bloom customers that for many types of flowers, freshly picked means the flowers haven't bloomed yet. While no two flowers are the same, and they all vary in what they look like when they are picked and how long they will last, aim to find bouquets and bunches with flowers that are still closed. It's easy to let the bouquets in full bloom catch your eye, but those flowers have likely been on the shelf for a while.

3. Don't forget the stems and the leaves! You can (sort of) judge a bouquet by its stems! Flowers absorb water and nutrients through the stem. Take the flowers out of the bucket, and check for any slimy material around  the stem, or a stem that looks brittle. Also, check to make sure the leaves haven’t turned brown, even on the edges. Those are your red flags to grab a different bunch. Even if the flowers still look fresh, these blooms may not be healthy and may start to wilt soon.

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